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Commission Orders for Original Artwork

Michelle does commission watercolor artwork on most subjects. As you can see by the artwork on this website, she specializes in using vibrant colors, sometimes realistically, and sometimes to enhance just about any subject. 

Cost for an Origianl: The cost of an original watercolor is dependent on the amount of time Michelle has to dedicate to a painting which is dependent on the size, level of detail, and substrate painted on. The center point for the following listed sizes would be for a painting of average detail, on watercolor paper. Because we also own our frame shop and perform our own framing, the price includes custom framing.

Image Size

Framed Size
(dependent on specific frame)

Cost Range

Full sheet

22” x 30”


$2400 - $3200

1/2 sheet

15” x 23”


$1000 - $1500

1/4 sheet

11” x 15”


$500 - $700

1/8 sheet

7.5" x 11.5”

14" x 17"

$200 - $400

Note: There are a variety of sizes and types of water color paper available and Michelle can paint on most of them. If you request a special size or paper type we can accommodate your needs.

Painting schedule:  Michelle’s commission orders are taken on a first come first serve basis. Michelle will estimate the time to complete and anticipated date you can expect the artwork once a deposit on the painting has been provided. The normal deposit is 50% of total price for the painting.

Choosing or providing the image / concept for your painting: Some people provide images (photographs, jpeg files, magazine pictures, etc.) and others simply describe what they would like Michelle to create. You can either send (via mail or electronically) us your request or if you are in the vicinity you may want to schedule a visit of our home gallery and frame shop.

If you are interested in having Michelle create an original for you, please contact us at contact@ferranfinearts.com or call (505) 660-8116 and leave a message if we are not available to take your call.

Michelle at work on a painting:

Michelle at Work


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