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Giclee Prints

What is a Giclee?

A giclee (pronounced zhee-CLAY, a French term meaning "spray of ink") is a high-resolution, high-quality reproduction individually printed on a special large format printer. These beautiful digital reproductions are virtually unparalleled in quality and range of color, and are at the leading edge of fine art printmaking.

Benefits of a Giclee


Traditional fine art printing is normally lithography. Lithographs are made up of tiny dots of four individual ink colors. Giclees not only incorporate more ink colors, but they have such high resolution and color range that there are no dots comprising a giclee print, rather it is a continuous smooth tone of vibrant and rich color.


Each of our fine art giclee prints are digitally prepared for the printer and then meticulously scrutinized by Michelle to ensure quality and color correctness. Giclee printing is widely recognized as being the highest quality of all existing fine art printing methods.

Paper & Ink:

We use 100% cotton acid-free archival fine art paper and / or canvas for all of our giclee prints. We feel that the quality of the paper / canvas is reflected in the quality of the print, which is why we choose to only use the highest quality media available. We also use one hundred percent archival pigment inks and that means that your reproductions will be around for a long time.



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