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Original Artwork:

Original artwork is difficult to purchase via the Internet and can be expensive to ship. Michelle's orignials can be seen by reservation at seen at the Ferran Fine Art gallery. If you live outside of the area and would like to inquire or purchase one of Michelle's originals please contact us and we will make arrangements to send you additional images or can post additional images on the Internet for your viewing.

Note: Pictures below all include the cost of custom frame and museum glass.

Small Size Originals
Image Size = 7.5" x 11.5"
Approximate Framed Size = 14"x17"

Original: Title "Cowboy" - Blue dog

Price $245.00



Original: Title "Taos Thunder"

Price $275.00


Heaven's Window

Original: Title “Heaven's Window”

Price $200

Speckles From Heaven

Original: Title “Speckles from Heaven”

Price $210


Original Title "Harvey"

Price $235

Medium Size Originals
Image Size - 15"x23"
Approximate Framed Size = 22" x 30"

Original: Title "Serenity"

Price $995


Large Size Originals
Image Size = 22"x30"
Approximate Framed Size = 32" x 40"
Julio's Fatboy

Original: Title "Julio's Fatboy"

Price $2200


Trokita Escondida

Original: Title “Trokita Escondido”

Price $2500

Misa a Las Trampas

Original: Title “Misa a Las Trampas”

Price $2600

Morada de Mi Dios

Original: Title “Morada de Me Dios”

Price $2500

Black Mesa Magic

Original: Title “Black Mesa Magic”

Price $2800

Casa Viejo

Original: Title “Casa Viejo”

Price $2500

Don Juan's Playhouse

Original: Title “Don Juan's Playhouse”

Price $2500


Original: Title “Retirado”

Price $2500

El Pastor

Original: Title “El Pastor”

Price $2200

Black Aspen

Original: Title “Black Aspen”

Price $2200

Sanctuary in the Hills

Original: Title “Sanctuary in the Hills”

Price $2500

Black Mesa Plateau

Original: Title "Black Mesa Plateau"

Price $3000


Original: Title “Nubarron”

Price $2600

Symbol of Strength

Original: Title “Symbol of Strength”

Price $3200



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